Dementia – Dementia is an acquired and progressive neurological disorder and major health problem primarily found in people 65 years of age and older. This neurological disorder causes deterioration of cognition, memory, language, emotion and behaviour and can lead to difficulties in the performance of activities of daily living. There are various types of Dementias, however the most common type is known as Alzheimer’s Disease. In this type of Dementia, cognitive abilities deteriorate faster than motor abilities.


  • An individual with Dementia may experience:
    • Memory loss
    • Distraction / confusion
    • Difficulties with problem solving and setting goals
    • Difficulties in perceptual skills
    • Difficulties with participating in conversations
    • Expressing wants / needs (language worsens with time)
    • Personality changes
    • Depression
    • Difficulties performing activities of daily living
    • Signs and symptoms will likely worsen as Dementia progresses


  • At Q Enrichment Center, our Occupational Therapist specialised in occupational therapy for adults, will conduct an extensive comprehensive assessment to determine the type of difficulty, the severity of the Dementia and the effects it has on activities of daily living. A detailed report will be completed along with a treatment plan specific to each individual’s needs.
  • Treatment of individuals with Dementia focuses on assisting clients manage their daily routine as effectively as possible, using assistive devices, maintaining strengths, creating habits and routines, compensatory / adaptative strategies, training and educating families in compensatory strategies to cope with Dementia and interact with their caregivers in the best manner possible and promote quality of life.


“What a fantastic team at Q Enrichment Center. I 100% recommend them for any family. They conduct themselves in the most professional attitude all around, they are welcoming and my son enjoyed the service thoroughly. Thanks again.”
– Jean (Mother of child client)

“Q Enrichment Center has “A brilliant speech therapist she single handily helped me overcome the difficulties of dysphagia. Her work truly is a vocation, her desire for me to make a full recovery was just as strong if not stronger than my own. By far the best therapist I was fortunate enough to deal with.”
– Chris (Male adult client)

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