It is not unusual for children to experience developmental delays in speech, language, motor skills and cognitive abilities.  Our goal is to help children overcome these difficulties through speech therapy, language therapy and occupational therapy.  We believe early intervention is the best intervention.


Due to unfortunate circumstances such as a Stroke, Traumatic Brain Injury, etc., adults may experience difficulties with communication, swallowing, activities of daily living, movement and / or cognition.  Our goal is to help these individuals overcome difficulties and reintegrate into their communities via speech therapy and occupational therapy.

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Best Speech Therapy Clinic In Dubai - Q Enrichment

Our Mission

We strive to provide children and adults with the highest quality of speech, language and occupational therapy using evidence-based practices, knowledge and expertise.  Our all-inclusive approach supported by technology, provides transparency and guidance to accelerate a client’s progress, both in and out of therapy. We strive to be the best occupational and speech therapy clinic in Dubai.

What Makes Us Unique?

Nurturing & Inclusive Environment
Highly Qualified Therapists
Family Focused Approach
Digital Tools for Progress Tracking
Dedicated Client Portal

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Q Enrichment Center

Can Now Provide You

Telehealth, Teletherapy / Online Therapy


We are proud to inform you, as of April 5th, 2020, Q Enrichment Center is licensed to provide TELEHEALTH by the Dubai Health Authority (“DHA”).  We are thankful to DHA for making Q Enrichment Center the FIRST rehabilitation center, focused solely on SPEECH and OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY, to receive DHA’s approval to provide Telehealth / ONLINE THERAPY services.

Q Enrichment Center

All Members of Staff

Are Fully Vaccinated 


We are happy to inform you, ALL of Q Enrichment Center’s Staff are FULLY VACCINATED.  Your SAFETY & WELL-BEING is our first priority.


COVID-19 has initiated us to take EXTRA PRECAUTIONARY measures to PROTECT all of our clients and staff.  Our therapists wear personal protective equipment (“PPE”) during every therapy session.  For our clients that are considered high-risk, we wear full PPE (e.g. Face shield, isolation gown, N-95 mask and gloves).  All of our equipment are SANITIZED after every therapy session.  We are doing all that we can to MINIMIZE / PREVENT the spread of COVID-19.