Learning Disability

Children may have difficulty with many aspects of language including reading, spelling, writing and listening. A Speech, Language and Swallowing Pathologist can help develop their skills, and give them the tools they need to optimise their time at school.

A child with learning difficulties early on can lead to difficulties later in the school years. In addition, they may also have problems with maths and social skills. Learning disabilities are a brain disorder and most children have it from birth.

A child with a learning disability may have the following issues:

  • Talking about ideas
  • Learning new words that are heard in a classroom or read in a book
  • Understanding questions and following directions
  • Remembering numbers in an order
  • Understanding what is being read
  • Learning words to songs and rhymes
  • Learning the alphabet and numbers
  • Matching sounds to letters which makes it difficult to learn how to read
  • Writing – may mix up the letters while writing
  • Spelling
  • Doing maths
  • Telling time

At Q Enrichment Center, our Speech, Language and Swallowing Pathologist will conduct an extensive comprehensive assessment to determine the type of difficulty, the severity, as well as the diagnosis related to the speech and language difficulties. A detailed report will be completed along with a treatment plan specific to each individual’s needs.