Facts to Know Before You Consult a Speech Language Therapist for Kids

As parents, it is quite common to get worried when your child is not able to reach the certain milestones by a certain age. This can be in terms of speaking single words by the time they are over 12 months old to not being able to string words together by the age of 2-3 years. Sometimes, the older children also have difficulties in speaking fluently, responding with their peers or elders, initiating a conversation and so on and so forth. These signs in speech delay can be solved with the help of a speech-language therapist.

Essential Facts About Speech Therapy for Kids

Let us take a look at some of the most essential facts that will give you a better perspective before you settle for speech therapy for kids in Dubai.

  • Multiple Language May Make It More Difficult – In countries where kids are exposed to multiple languages, the ones who are having some specific language and learning difficulties will find it more difficult to grasp things and this is what may widen the gap between them and their counterparts. A speech-language therapist can effectively reduce this gap.
  • Every Child is Different – The next fact that you need to remember is that every child is different and that there is a great deal of variation in what is normal and what is not. Even then, if you find that there is a lack of usual babbling, uttering of words that are less and almost no eye contact when the kid is 18 months. The same holds true if you find that at two years they are using almost less than 10 words or are unable to follow the simplest of instructions when they are nearing three.
  • Know the Signs of Speech Struggle – If you are unsure about what the signs of speech struggle look like, take a look this checklist list:
  • Is he/she responding to her own name? Or is taking time to do so?
  • Is he/she not making any eye contact while speaking?
  • Is he/she not taking any initiative while playing to other kids or in a group?
  • Is he/she finding it difficult to follow certain instructions and respond to certain questions?
  • Is he/she not developing any expressive language(by limited use of single words)?
  • Is he/she takes too much time to use sentences instead of linked words?

Calling it a Day

These are some of the things that you need to know before you take your kid to a speech therapist for treatment. Along with it, you can also try and make efforts from your end, such as reading to them and reading with them. There are many interactive books on the market, which will serve your need. And yes, remember to be patient with them always.