Who We Are

  • Q Enrichment Center (“Q Enrichment” or the “Center”) is a premium rehabilitation center, providing children and adults of all ages with a specialist service to overcome speech, language and swallowing difficulties.
  • Our primary focus is to provide high quality individualised programs to every individual to reach their full potential and help them grow into independent and confident people.
  • Q Enrichment’s individual therapy sessions and group sessions are tailor made to meet each client’s individual needs, ensuring they receive the best help and attention possible.  The programs will be designed in ensuring the client’s as well as the family’s best interests as the priority.
  • Each client’s therapy sessions will be monitored to track their progress, growth and development.  We provide families with digital tools to be involved in the client’s therapy, ensuring that he / she fully benefits from every therapy session.
QEnrichment Speech Therapy Center

Why Q Enrichment

We, at Q Enrichment, believe that every person is unique in their own way and require individualized attention.  We also believe that for an individual to reach their full potential they require the right kind of support at home.  With the help of our highly-qualified Speech, Language and Swallowing Pathologists (“SLSPs”) and the digital tools we provide for family members to support their loved one(s) through the therapy sessions, you or your loved one(s) would have the nurturing support system and environment required to overcome their difficulties and achieve their goals.

Providing a Premium Service

  • Our highly qualified Speech, Language and Swallowing Pathologists (‘’SLSPs’’), speak English as a first language and are passionate about helping people overcome their difficulties.
  • Q Enrichment provides a digital platform to promote a 360° approach whereby all significant communication partners are included in the client’s therapy to facilitate the transfer of skills from the therapy room into real life settings (for example, home, school and work).
  • We provide a dedicated client portal to ensure convenient and easy access to records, the ability to book appointments and easily track a client’s progress.
  • We use international best practice standards to ensure that the therapy we provide is based on current research and fully supports our clients to reach their full potential.
  • We understand that all clients are unique and engage better when the therapy program is personalized and conducted in a nurturing environment.
QEnrichment Speech Therapy Center

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